Thursday, October 20, 2016

When you structure your coaching for high standards!

                                              You get great results!

Great balance can only be achieved by practicing "great balance"!

Friday, September 23, 2016

Climbing season was excellent this summer.

Finding the top of a long climb at 10,00ft.
 I climbed 2 to 3 days a week this summer. Some of the high lights were finding new climbs at our home crag in Dumont. This is my first summer climbing on a new knee.

Start on the easy climbs

First indoor training and preparation on our indoor climbing wall.
On the face of the pitch

Getting ready to send!

Red Pointing an 11b

Happy smiles at the top of 4 hard pitches.

Diana, Doing the job at Rifle. 

Friday, September 16, 2016

Harb Ski Systems, Alignment and Boot Tech Course

This is a link (below) to course information for next year's course sign up. Prepare to sign up well before October, 1017. The course is usually full by April.

alignment-and boot technician-training

Hello 2016 Alignment Tech Course attendees!

We hope that you are enjoying your summer, and starting to think about the upcoming winter and ski season. If you are planning your lodging during the Alignment Technician Course, here is some information.

Each of the indoor sessions will be held at our Dumont ski shop. Here are directions, location, and link to a map...

There are several different options for lodging. The two closest towns are Idaho Springs (~6 miles east) and Georgetown (~7 miles west) Both offer a range of motels, some Bed & Breakfasts, some restaurants, and a grocery store (larger in Idaho Springs)...

We generally recommend the Columbine Inn in Idaho Springs, and the Georgetown Mountain Inn in Georgetown.

You can also find some private rentals...

When you are evaluating any lodging, take a look at a map or get in touch with us. Some parts of our county are remote!

You will need to have a rental car to get around during the course - our county has no public transportation.

Please send us an email if you have any questions.

Saturday, September 10, 2016

My Yellow GT3 is for sale!

This is a great car, it's a super car. It is in beautiful condition. And the mechanicals are top notch. Everything from the tires to the engine are bullet proof. 

Click on any IMAGE for FULL SIZE PHOTO!

Sunday, May 8, 2016

Harald Harb, Reilly McGlashan! Two generations. Has skiing changed?.

I Until I was 19,  I skied in leather boots. When I was 14, I was still on wood skis. In my 6 decades of skiing I have never tried to ski a style or system.  It's always been about creating movements in my skiing. When your body creates movements and you understand those movements, you can ski any style or technique. You can adapt to any snow or race course.

Some people will be surprised to hear me say,  "I don't ski a system", because people think,"Don't you have the PMTS Direct Parallel ski teaching system"?  Yes, PMTS is the teaching system we use, however it's a movement based approach, not a patterned based, stylized, outcome system.  PMTS teaches movements that are, identifiable, recognizable, evolutionary and modifiable. Every movement in PMTS has a specific benefit in skiing. Focusing on the most important movement for your own skiing produces the quickest lasting results. PMTS coaches know how to identify movements that aren't in your skiing or movements that are not helping your skiing.

I never stop working on my skiing and that work is highly focused and derived from the efficient movements of world cup skiers. I know for example what exact change I want on any given day and I know exactly how to go about changing or improving what I want to see or how I want to end up. That is the beauty of accurate  movement based instruction.